For a number of years I have used the website Workaway to find volunteers to help with all my dogs. People of all ages come to stay with me and help enrich the lives of the dogs. The dogs regularly meet new people, all with different experiences e.g. training or behaviour and so the dogs get constant attention. I enjoy the meeting of all these new people and all the new things they teach me about dogs.

For anyone interested in possibly coming to stay and help with the dogs, either for experience or simply for enjoyment, please visit my Workaway page and feel free to enquire.

Reviews from my Workaway

"Shirley's house is the perfect place for dogs, and that is clearly reflected in how happy and lovely each one of them is. Being around 12 dogs all the time made any work done feel like fun, and although at first you'll wonder how you'll ever learn all their names, after a few days it's easy to tell who is who because they all have their own distinct personalities." Ben and Elly, July 2016

"All of her dogs are great personalities, Totti the princess, Mimi the Womble and Puma the Mumsy one. The same with the Goldens." Jacqui and Hannah, April 2016

"Her [Shirleys] 12 boys and girls (Eliot, Zussic, Fig, Cosi, Poppy, Dolly, Nutty, Bella, Totti, Mimmi, Puma & Puss the Cat) are amazing. So loving, well behaved and they would always enjoy having you around. There are so much to say for every single one of them." Leah, June 2015

"The dogs were great and we miss them a lot. Anybody who gets to experience such lovely dogs is a lucky person." Matt, September 2014
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