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Training Your Bolognese

Most of the things you would find helpful training any dog will be useful for training your Bolognese and there is a list below of some resources that I particularly like. However there do seem to be some common traits in the breed that are worth a mention:

Bolognese are often quite eager to please and really seem to love being centre of attention. A dog that has figured out that he can get your attention by doing things that you like is going to be much easier to train than one that gets ignored until he does something naughty! Any sort of attention is better than no attention at all.
They are MUCH more intelligent than you may realise. They seem to have a real knack of being two steps ahead of you.
They do like an easy life, so are more prepared to compromise than your average dog. They are not a particularly stubborn breed - so as long as you can manage not to be pig-headed about things too, you’ll have a dog that’s easy to live with.
Many Bolognese are not the slightest bit food motivated, and may not be too fussed about playing with toys either. If you can work out a way of becoming the most interesting thing on the planet to that Bolognese, then training will be a breeze.
Yes, they are cute and fluffy - but that’s no excuse for bad manners, so getting the ground rules worked out will help to make sure everyone stays happy and relaxed.

Going To Classes

Whether they are puppy socialising or Good Citizen classes, or something more specialised such as ringcraft, obedience or agility, classes can be a great opportunity to socialise and get support from trainers and other doggy people. However, it’s important to choose a class that you AND your dog will both be happy with, so consider going along without your dog to watch before you make a commitment. If you can’t get to classes, they aren’t essential - it’s your commitment to helping your dog to get the hang of living in our strange world that’s important.

Basic Skills For Bolognese

I highly recommend any of Victoria Stillwell’s books or video clips. Teacher’s Pet is a series of short videos by Victoria that use her “Positively” method of training. You can view the full set from this YouTube page. A good first book is “It’s Me or the Dog” as it covers all the basics, is very easy to digest and has lots of lovely pictures. Ideally you will have bought and read this before you even choose a puppy! It’s never too late and there are plenty of tips and advice for adult dogs too.
All of this information and more can be found from the British Bolognese Club.
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