Puppies: Keeping Up To Date

How to keep up to date with our puppie news.

I update my Facebook profile with the latest news from our Beauchesseur Bichon-Bolognese puppies, this mainly inludes pictures however it will contain the occasional news update.

I also like to update the Beauchesseur Bichon-Bolognese Youtube channel with regular videos of the puppies.
When we have new puppies and you have any enqueries please use our contact page, this can be anything from pricing to arranging a meeting, simply use the form provided to send an email.

Four weeks after the puppies have been born those interested will be able to have a visit to choose their perfect puppie. If you are collecting from France you will not be able to collect the puppie until they are twelve weeks old. However if you are from the outside of France then collection cannot take place until the fifteen week.

The puppies being sold to French holmes will be registered with the French Kennel Club, been wormed, micro chipped & have been vaccinated twice. To comply with international law those been taken outside of France will also have had their rabbies vaccination & a pet passport.

The puppies are lucky to be born into a household with many other animals. With my Golden Retrievers and cat, the puppies are well socialised and so are highly unlikely to develop phobias of them. Parents are all health tested and I am careful to find the right temperament of the puppy for new owners.

Puppies: General Information

For more information regarding the bolognese myself and a friend compiled a free to use document to help:
Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese
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Midi Pyrenese

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