Local Good Causes:

Association Les Potes a Pouf’

This is a local dog rescue based in Lannemezanaise in the South of France. It has existed for 22 years. They do great work taking in unwanted or stay dogs, taking care of them and rehoming them. Their aims are to rescue strays, neglected and abused animals, and find adoptive families or foster homes. When adopting an animal with them, it is under a contract, there is an adoption fee that covers the microchip, vaccination, compulsory sterilisation of females and males on request.

The refuge is entirely financed from donations and has no paid staff. Volunteers can take the dogs for a walk on Wednesdays from 10:30am to midday or Sundays between 3pm and 5pm, no contract or expectations to attend regularly are placed on the volunteers, simply turn up walk the dog and then return it to the kennels. This is a great way to help the dogs, as they get to socialise with new people and get out of the kennel compound. If you live local, I recommend going along as I have been and it is very rewarding.

There are many events run throughout the year, check the website for information. You can even donate through both the Facebook and website to help all the dogs. You can become a virtual foster for the dogs, where the dog who you care for has all food, treatments and vet care are provided by the refuge. You can visit their site here.
Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese
A sister company of "Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers"
Midi Pyrenese

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