I was previously breeding Golden Retrievers, a breed which I have been around since a child. I have great love for the breed and have built up the Beauchasseur name with several puppies all across Europe. I have been breeding since 1992 but have passed the breeding of the Goldens onto my daughter, who has a great passion for the breed too. I still many of the breed but have moved onto breeding the Bolognese. You can visit the site here.

Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers

Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese

I grew up with Golden Retrievers and have owned and bred the breed since 1992. After the death of my husband in 2010 the Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers company was taken over by my daughter. I still own many of the breed and enjoy showing and training them.

Whilst I was attending a dog show I was introduced to the lovely loyal Bolognese and so it began -
After 2 years of searching for a Bolognese puppy, I was offered Puma (Bicia’s Love At First Sight), already an International Champion of Beauty, Champion of Denmark and Junior Champion of Germany. I travelled to Denmark to collect her and bring her home.

I loved having Puma and found the Bolognese an addictive breed. Puma soon had companions, Totti from England and Mimmi from Sweden.

In 2015 Puma had her first litter and a sister company to Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers was born, Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese. We are now expecting our second litter from Puma to be arriving around the 20th of September. Go to the puppies page for regular pupdates!
Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese
A sister company of "Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers"
Midi Pyrenese

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