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Beauchasseur Bichon-Bolognese
A sister company of "Beauchasseur Golden-Retrievers"
Midi Pyrenese
Mimmi (Meandi's Darling Dolly)
Eyes clear - knees 0.0
2 years old
Puma (Bicia's Love at First Sight)
Eyes clear - Knees 0.0
6 years old
Totti (Tumbril Top Totti)
Eyes clear - Knees 0.0
2 years old
We are a small family run kennel in South West France. In 2011 I fell in love with this rare, endearing and loyal breed. The Bolognese is a big dog in a small dogs’ body, with beautiful white coats. Their objective in life is to love and please their owner. I find they are a fantastic companion because of this.

My Bolognese are kept as companion pets and give me great company and joy. We enjoy attending shows both locally and internationally. I had my first litter of Bolognese in 2015 from Puma after having bred Golden Retrievers for over 20 years. I found this thoroughly rewarding to see the puppies grow and Puma be a perfect mother. My intention is to continue breeding, so please keep an eye on my website and other multi-media for information on future litters.

Puppies available